Both within Italy and internationally, Raffineria Metalli Capra is one of the leading companies in the secondary aluminium production sector.

Since 1947 the company has been operating in the secondary aluminium sector, producing aluminium alloy ingots for pressure die casting, and semi-primary alloys for chill casting.

There are two main reasons for this Brescian company's success: product quality and technical skill.

The Raffineria Metalli Capra plant uses cutting-edge technology. As a result of years of research and testing, the company's know-how is amongst the most modern and sophisticated, allowing it to optimise its aluminium recycling processes. The company constantly strives to increase productivity by fully utilising its technical resources and the professionalism of its staff in order to optimise the production process in full harmony with the surrounding environment. RMC carried out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and in 2006 obtained its Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AIA) from the IPPC.

Computers are now a key part of the production and control system, providing complete process automation. Emission, X-ray and atomic absorption spectrometers, together with traditional laboratory methods, ensure full production control at all times. Secondary and primary alloys complying with UNI, NF, ASTM, BS and DIN standards are manufactured and sold in Italy and abroad.

Increasing investment in production, quality, ecology and preservation of the environment demonstrates Raffineria Metalli Capra's total commitment to improving standards, all of which are made possible due to its highly professional management and workers.

Raffineria Metalli Capra works in the secondary aluminium ingots sector and consists of two productions plants with a total area of 135,000 m² of which 50,000m² is covered.

Regular, well-planned investment in production, quality, ecology and protection of the environment puts RMC amongst the leaders in the European secondary aluminium recycling sector.

Today Raffineria Metalli Capra employs 125 workers in its two plants in Castelmella and Montirone.