Raw materials

For the last thirty years, the recycling of waste aluminium components has been a major part of our industry and of great importance in protecting the environment as a whole as it has allowed the reintegration into the system of vast quantities of material that would otherwise have caused environmental damage and led to higher energy costs.


This has led to a virtuous circle in which environmental pollution has been reduced and techniques have been developed for the separation of waste materials. To avoid any negative consequences and to ensure that the advantages are not outweighed by the disadvantages, the whole control process has to be developed with the highest guarantees and reliability in order to prevent the use of polluting and radioactive materials.

Raffineria Metalli Capra therefore decided to use a third-party certification system, the ICQ9809 and ICQNET.

RMC carried out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and in 2006 obtained its Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AIA) from the IPPC.

Most importantly, the company committed itself to the development of internal protocols in order to verify, correct and optimise its processes according to the raw materials used in order to avoid risks, reduce waste, minimise environmental pollution and improve recycling systems.