Raffineria Metalli Capra S.p.A. operates in the secondary aluminium sector, producing die-cast alloyed aluminium ingots and chill-cast semi-primary alloys.

Secondary aluminium is produced by recycling new and old scrap, turnings and swarf. Over the years RMC has developed highly sophisticated classification and analysis systems in accordance with international regulations in order that finished products repeatedly attain the best quality in terms of consistency and standardisation. In order to guarantee product safety and to ensure no radioactive traces are present, materials must pass strict tests both before and during the production process and prior to shipping.

To constantly guarantee innovative quality within the production system, RMC works in partnership with university research centres for metallographic analysis to study the mechanical and metallurgical features of secondary aluminium.

RMC is involved in the NADIA project: the company supplies secondary aluminium alloy to and works together with the University Of Padua to study the influence of microelements in secondary alloys. NADIA (New Automotive components Designed for and manufactured by Intelligent processing of light Alloys) is a European Union-funded project involving universities and private research centres that aims to increase the competitiveness of the participating European SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). 'Intelligent processing' means using engineering instruments that, during the design and production of the components take into account:

the sum of the effects of the microstructure on the mechanical and technological features of the finished product;

how the product is made;

the material used;

the optimisation of the product not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of financial and environmental costs.